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About Us

rentworx® is a product of Automated Rental Solutions, a company founded in 2003. This product was designed by a property manager and created by a seasoned computer scientist both at the top of their respective fields.

Motivation for the rentworx® Product

Our motivation for is two-fold. First, we wanted to provide a web based system to help property managers and landlords find renters quickly! Second, we wanted to create a communication channel between the property owner and the property manager. This system had to streamline the workflow necessary to get an online "looker" to inquire on a home for rent as well as provide a registry of property managers by city.

Our system, empowers people (owners/landlords, tenants and property managers) by providing powerful search tools. The environment or resulting collaborative e-community is very efficient and saves time. Saving time for the manager is a key focus for the rentworx® system. Property managers who sign-up will have an option to have their listings created for them by our download process. As a member of rentworx®, your rental information will be neatly organized for you to view and update at any time.