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Search Rental Listings Help Screen

The SEARCH RENTAL LISTINGS form conveniently appears on every page to provide you with a powerful tool for locating rental properties.

The STATE box displays each of the 50 states. You must first select a state to begin your search. Once you select a state, a state map will appear with clickable county areas.

The COUNTY drop-down box will only provide a choice once you select a state. You may choose a county by either picking it from the drop-down menu or clicking on the state map.

The LOCATION field allows you to select the desired city or a "locally known" geographic area. You do not have to select a location. If no location is selected your search will include the entire county. The STATE and COUNTY fields are both required to access the LOCATION feature.

The SUBDIVISION field allows you to enter the name of a particular subdivision within your listing area. If you enter a subdivision, the LOCATION field will be ignored.

The ZIP CODE field allows you to limit your search to a particular zip code. If you enter a zip code, both the LOCATION and SUBDIVISION fields will be ignored. If you enter a zip code, both the LOCATION and SUBDIVISION fields will be ignored.

Search Tips:

Searching by LOCATION allows the broadest search. Searching by ZIP CODE will likely provide the narrowest search.

The remaining fields on the search form allow you to choose your desired MONTHLY RENTAL FEE and the number of BEDROOMS and BATHROOMS you prefer. Once you've completed entering your search preferences, rentworx® will generate a list of rental properties that meet ALL of your criteria.